Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mentorplace?

Think Cameo meets Linkedin meets Airtasker. The MentorPlace platform is an online guidance marketplace, connecting highly professional and experienced people with school leavers, university students or anyone looking for advice from an expert, for a price per online session. We don't see this as limited to career guidance, it’s a failure to think one’s career is all that matters, that's evident in society’s growing awareness on topics such as mental health and work-life balance, people are seeking more.

Do I need a mentor?

We might be biased, but, YES! Mentors are something that have previously been left up to chance - people might stumble across their perfect mentor in their workplace and forge a connection, or they had access to the old boys system that comes with attending the most expensive schools/ unis/ golf clubs or having parents that did. We want to change that. We want everyone to be able to access and benefit from the clarity and drive a mentor can bring to you career, personal life, spiritual journey, start of parenthood - whatever is currently on your mind! The average person changes careers 5-7 times in their life. Only 66% of people are working in the field they most recently studied. People are always learning, moving and evolving - but there is no need to waste time on something that won’t benefit you long term. A single mentor session could help save you four years of study - or set you on a passionate path to 8 years and a career you find fulfilling.

I can't find someone who seems to specialise in what I want, what can I do?

Contact us by emailing [email protected]. We are always looking for more mentors and if we know what you are looking for we can make an effort to find people in that area.

Which Mentor should I choose?

This is up to you! Do you want someone who has decades of experience in that field or someone who has recently gone through the same struggles as you and knows all the ins and outs- Both of these views can help but it depends on your individual circumstances.

How can I make the most of my time with my mentor?

Prepare, both mentally and physically.

Mentally: Make sure you know what you want out of the session. Are you looking for guidance on a certain issue or a decision you need to make? Do you want to know more about the field your Mentor is in? Do you want advice on how to get where you want to go? If you know what you want out of the session then you are more likely to get it. While our Mentors do have decades of professional and life experience between them, they aren't mind readers.

Physically: Make sure you have a quiet place to have your session, have your computer or phone charged ready, have any notes or questions ready and something to take notes with.

What if my mentor doesn't show?

According to our terms (here), if your Mentor is a no show you will be credited with the same amount to use to book with another Mentor (or reschedule with the same mentor if that is your preference) These happen VERY rarely but we are all people and things come up.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?

You may reschedule your session with no penalty up to 24 hours before your session was due to begin. After that time, you will only be credited 50% of the session cost, toward a future or rebooking.

I want to meet up with my mentor. How can I do this?

Whilst face-to-face is popular, currently MentorPlace only supports online interactions, facilitating connections which otherwise would likely prove insurmountable, especially since many locations are still suffering from reduced contact post-COVID. We may look to expand into assisting the facilitation of face-to-face in future however!